The WBPS Foundation believes that all students should have access to the technologies that are shaping today’s society and workplace. By combining technology with new teaching and learning approaches, our schools can create outstanding educational experiences in the classroom. When it comes to bringing 21st century innovation into the classroom, the West Bend Public Schools Foundation thoughtfully considers how a proposed innovation will support the true mission of student learning in the West Bend Joint School District #1.


The Foundation uses the following criteria to determine what innovations to support:
Does the innovation have a proven track record in either education or in business?
Does the school district support the innovation?
Will the innovation be sustainable?
Will the innovation reach all of the intended audience(s) of students?
Does the necessary infrastructure exist in the school district to implement or support the innovation?
Will the innovation improve the pace of learning, defray costs, or provide an improved learning experience over traditional methods? At least two of the three should be apparent.
Will the innovation provide a relevant learning experience?
How quickly will the innovation make a positive impact on learning?
Is the innovation about improving learning or just about the technology itself?

Innovation Gifts Awarded include:
SMART Boards
Elmo document and projection systems
Mini laptop computers
GPS systems
Audio Enhancement Systems for K-2 classrooms
Stand-up desks and stools at Badger Middle School