Participation in the visual and performing arts stimulates creativity, develops life skills such as communication, problem solving and critical thinking, and broadens appreciation of the human experience throughout history. The Foundation will work to ensure that students continue to value, experience and grow in the arts through enhancement of curricular opportunities, improvements to performance spaces and the provision of supplies and equipment.

The West Bend Public Schools Foundation believes that the Visual and Performing Arts (the Fine Arts) are integral to student success and life preparedness. We are committed to the advancement of the arts within our schools by helping to provide students with developmentally appropriate and meaningful experiences extending from classroom to community and from present to future.

We recognize that the arts are central to the development of well-educated individuals and high-functioning societies. Research shows that children actively engaged in arts education are likely to have higher test scores than those with little to no involvement. Whole brain development and higher order thinking skills – analysis, synthesis, evaluation, critical judgment, imaginative and creative thinking – all are developed in the arts.

The West Bend Public Schools fine arts curriculum allows students to develop and hone skills needed by the 21st century society and workforce. Therefore, we are committed to supporting and sustaining the West Bend Public School fine arts in their ability to offer depth of programming, appropriate and innovative infrastructure and relevant real-world connections beyond the classroom.

Arts Gifts Awarded
Auditorium ticketing software and supplies for box office
Wegner choral risers at high school
HS Marching Band banner
Visiting Artists Program: Opera for the Young